I'm so glad you're here!

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to apply for the Marketing & Communication Supervisor position! The vision and mission of the City of Wentzville aligns well with my personal beliefs, and it would be an honor to work alongside your team to make that vision a reality.

With my passion for technology, and the way it can improve people’s lives, grow communities and build a business, I believe I would be an excellent cultural fit for this position. My ability to work within a diverse environment, and the speed with which I build rapport through humility and service, lend well to succeeding in this leadership role. I would love the opportunity to use my extensive professional and personal experience to achieve outstanding results in all areas of this position. I want to make a difference in everything I do, and I know I can make a difference in the surrounding community through this role!

Ultimately I hope that you find an ideal fit for this position, I happen to believe that fit is me. I’d love to come in for an interview and introduce myself, thank you for your consideration!

To view examples of my work, please scroll down!

With Gratitude,
Josiah Gates


These are some examples of my Web Design and Development projects!


These are some examples of my Social Media management clients!

This is a Chiropractic and Physical Therapy clinic that has me help them find and create content on a weekly basis. I’ve produced some video and photo content for them as well as helped them run ad campaigns.

This is a Home Inspector in the Greater St. Louis area. I’m helping him create weekly content to provide value to his followers and build consumer trust. One of the videos we helped him produce organically reached over 2,600 people and was shared 26 times.


This is just a few of the great companies that I’ve worked with in the past!